The St. Claire is a Philadelphia-based arts organization devoted to providing a platform for experimental modes of communication that support critical inquiry with a local perspective.


If you have ever tried to write about art you know it’s messy. It’s exhausting. It’s terrifying. It’s also something that we receive free of charge every single day. But art writing, and the dialogue it fosters, is not a given and without support it can easily evaporate leaving the artists of this city making and doing in a vacuum–cutting down trees in an abandoned forest. That is why on this, the first day of The St.Claire’s guest editorship of the Artblog, we are asking readers, both new and old, to take a stand in support of Philadelphia art writing. If everyone who visited the Artblog today gave just $5 we could fund a whole year of reviews, interviews, and essays.

Do you buy a beer from your favorite gallery on First Friday? It’s time to do the same for your favorite artblog. NO JOKE.


No, I need that $5 for craft beer.