BANG and the D.I.O. Spirit

Like the basement party where no one is sure how he or she or it got there but everyone knows they are not leaving anytime soon.

  Then Ally

And then, many years later, there was Facebook.

This Saturday, hypothetically, all of us will be Irish.

Or perhaps more technically we will all be Irish-Americans. For the heritage that most will celebrate is a mirage; that of the 2:00PM beer bloated leprechaun. This character is an amalgamation of an entire lexicon of cultural misunderstanding but is a wicked fun hat to put on. Drinking and chortling till you stand sideways is just playing your part. And while co-opting and characterizing the entire living and breathing Gallic culture from three thousand miles away might be reprehensible, I can get into the general spirit of cultural sharing.

What if we had a day, just a day, where everyone was an artist? A day when we all took the time to celebrate our shared creative spirit and heritage. A day where you could sit down and write a poem, draw a picture, choreograph a dance, put on a play and there would be no scoffing. It could have a parade and its own color if that would help people. We could celebrate right now in March with the birthdays of Van Gogh, Michelangelo, and Diane Arbus or we could wait until October 18th and the Feast of St Luke, the patron saint of artists. I think this is a good idea. Or at least it is a better idea than drinking Guiness and wearing a green t-shirt.

Matt Kalasky
Editor in Chief
The Nicola Midnight St.Claire

"It is important to note that, despite these factors, despite a steady diet of NPR skepticism, I feel my own real impulse to parade."

07.08.11 | ISSUE II