What you are hearing is the product of a continuing search to find a way to communicate what happens in the space between, to make it less compartmentalized, to revel in its slow, staidness.  Coming from a place known and distant, it happened and is happening now.  

There are two of us, but we enlisted a third of the same.  The beginning, beginning shortly (should be just a few minutes now) is borrowed of _______________,  a result of his ___________ with _________.  We (all of us) enjoyed it so much that we wanted to share it with you. We like to think it is/was intended to exist in the space between the beginning and end, but not the middle.  Something more like this:


                                            /                   \

                                          /                      \

                                        /                          \

                                      /                             \

                                    /                                \

                                  /                                    \

                                /                                        \

                              /                                            \

                            /                                                \

                        /                                                    \

                        /                                                        \

                      /                                                            \

                      /                                                                \

Setting out  /                        *work*                                \ Conclusion

but with greater multi-dimensionality and less of a qualitative/judgmental bent.  With potential, and verve. Language is of a successive nature, and doesn’t lend itself easily to reasoning on eternal, non-temporal matters, but, still.

Four o’clock we were there, ___ said.  Or was it Eleven.  Why, I thought so too.  Its changing status and stasis intrinsic to one another, the difficulty of expressing is the whole thing.  Why, I thought so too.  Far too often afraid but far too infrequently leaving.  Doing.  Here, _______ says.  This is big.  

And so, you see - there is a third moment to consider unfolding. The center uncertainty is proposed here.  “What’s that?”  Like I/We/He said, not beginning, not conclusion, but not close to the middle.  Separate but in the fucking thick of it.  On and on, but important, as all these words fail.  

Listen?  Listen.

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