ABOUT PROF ANON: Prof Anon produces “no results found.” Prof Anon is your substitute teacher. Prof Anon shares everything. Prof Anon teaches from a septumaxasmillion miles away. Prof Anon is the shape of the face of the faceless education to come. Prof Anon follows you. Prof Anon works as a sub-sub-adjunct, a painstaking borrower. Prof Anon uses write-only memory. Prof Anon is of Indian descent, maybe Mexican, perhaps Filipino, definitely a little Senegalese. Prof Anon has a body for everyone. Prof Anon is likeable but not lovable. Prof Anon has nothing to teach and he is teaching it. Prof Anon gives everyone A±. Prof Anon may be found at http://prof-an.on/dev/null/. Prof Anon would like to share with you to following required readings: