Vision Trailers
Posted: 10/09/11

A castle shimmering on a lake of mercury.  It is summer.  READ:WALT DISNEY PICTURES. But then a silent switch is engaged.  It sparks and fizzles and reverberates the castle until it breathes the light of moon cars--only to succumb to a 40 frame fade-in/fade-out to a building.  It is a building in a city.  There is a city in front of you.  Below you.  All around you. 

OLD MAN FRIEND (ALAN) VOICE:  "I promised you that if I ever got any information on your dad I would tell you first, right?" 

You better.  Tell us more.  We are listening to you.  We are listening to you and we are listening to the all-of-a-sudden noises that makes us think things are happening. Things are happening.  The sound of diods connecting with diods.  Circuits creating circuits, or possibly other complicated things. Keep this noise coming.  Keep it coming as we rocket down the highway.  We can smell the vigor in our blood, we can feel the cultish plasma in our burning sinews as we coolly cut off the semi-truck. We want more.  We want to go where it is taking us.

OLD MAN FRIEND (ALAN) VOICE: “I got a page last night.  It came from your dad’s office at the arcade.” 


Yeah so? 

OLD MAN FRIEND (ALAN) VOICE: “So?  That number has been disconnected for twenty years.  Two nights before he disappeared he came to my house.  He said he was about to change everything: science, medicine, religion.  He wouldn’t have left that Sam.  He wouldn’t have left you.”

This noise has us now. We can’t escape it.  What is behind that arcade game?  That is where this noise is taking us.  We Must Obey. 

YOUNG BOY (SAM): “Alan, you’re acting like I’m going to find him sitting there working.  Hey kiddo, just lost track of time.”

OLD MAN FRIEND (ALAN): “Wouldn’t that be something…” 

What does that mean?  WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Impossible.  But----


Save entry Users/mk202r7/BurnFolders/Workfile/TRON_3D_TRAILER_2010?  

Submit for replication later?

Log Out USER_mk202r7?

Are you sure you want to quit all applications and log out now?
If you do nothing, you will be logged out automatically in 30


That was great.  This one feels really good.  And look at that, Matt. Look at you. You were a machine today.  Three and a half—well, that one is basically, completely done—so let’s just say four vis tapps (Vision Tapps(Textual Apps(Applications)))  T.G.I.F. (Thank Goodness It’s Friday) am I right? Am I right? If this doesn’t make Tim stand up and take notice of you, nothing will. Your V.T.S.F.R.(Vis Tapp Synonyming Facsimile Report) said you needed to work on your Emphatic Peripherals articulation and if there is not some powerful evoking of dramatic environmental instrumentation in that sucka you just whipped out, then shoot me.  Shoot me right in the muther-effing face.  That was such a good one, too.  Lots of stuff happening.  Lots of power.  Tim even said I was the best at energizing action sequences.  Right in your wheel house. “…burning sinews as we coolly cut off the semi-truck”? Solid. Gold. That’s really fantastic. Really awesome.  Keep this up, kiddo, and the moon is the freaking limit.  It’s going to happen, I know it is.  One day soon we’ll get the call and we’ll be like:

“hello?...Ah yes it is…Oh hello, Mr. Wetzel…what’s that?  A F.L.F.F.V.T. (Full Length Feature Film Vision Tapp)?…Captain America vs. Spiderman II?...Not a problem, sir. Not a problem.  I’ll have it submitted and replicated to you by Friday. You can count on me.”  BAM-- that’s how we roll!  Come on, come get it! No more retro movie trailers or game shows, or downhill skiing championships.  You’ll be making the big bills vis tapp syning (vis tapp synonyming) like the pros: Archwich, Bostal, Goodingham and the like. Those punk ass snitches wont have nothing on you!  


Matthew finished his work and quietly cleaned his station. Hand bulldozing booger-sized detritus off the precipice of his vinyl desk into his waiting dump truck hand.  He left work with no more fuss than a Roomba powering down for the night.  It was his birthday and no one knew.  It was also Alexander Grant’s birthday.  A b-day walk, to a b-day train, to a b-day bus, to a b-day bike, to a b-day door, to a cat.  Actually the cat was dead.  It had died several months ago but it had left its ghost on the cramped and cardboard-y apartment.  A b-day sneeze.  A b-day cry.  Matthew made him some dinner and ate it really quietly.  Did he speak aloud today?  He couldn’t remember.  And it probably wasn’t important anyway.  I mean, he had conversations just not aloud.  In between helpings of spaghetti, Matthew would browse his considerable vis tapp library.  Endless scrolling on an iDream wave-bracket that was only a slightly older model than the iDream that he had just left at the office.  It was a glossy digital collection that had always represented a hypothetical conversation.  A hypothetical interaction that would hypothetically impress a hypothetical (hopefully sexual) visitor.  This conversation was thoroughly rehearsed and the synaptic firings sounded, or would have sounded like this:

“What’s that?...Oh yeah…I actually download a lot of vis tapps…I guess I’m just sort of weird like that…Oh, I’ve lost count…There is just something about having them all actually in your machine, that physicality, you know?  I guess I’m just old fashioned like that…Yeah I’ve been going through a big Archwhich kick lately…yeah, I mean, if you sit down and really take a good look, his emphatic peripherals... they are just unbelievable…I think he’s one of the most underrated vis tapp synonymers of the last twenty years.  At least since Bostal, anyway. [Long pause] Well, I mean, I actually synonym for a living…oh yeah…oh no, just small projects now…ah, mostly classic 3D movie trailers...Remember the first Tron?  That’s OK.  It didn’t get a very big circulation…but that’s only for now. I’m laying the ground work to start my own vis tapp company….you know, like building a client base, gauging quarterly fiscal viability, checking into the market. You know, that sort of thing…”

From there, it gets a little squiggy depending on hypothetical hypothetical guest responses.  In the end, Matthew selects the Pearl Harbor (2001) vis tapp.  This vis tapp was an old stand by and a fine friend. Matthew had never experienced the Pearl Harbor (2001) Hard Look App and never would.  He was poor and stationary, just like everyone else he knew.  The vis tapp opened at the position of the  programs last activation; 235 of 704 on Feb 4, 2041.  Matthew found a friendly sentence and began to read aloud. 


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