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Cobain knew he was just another piece of spectacle, that nothing runs better on MTV than a protest against MTV; knew that his every move was a cliché scripted in advance, knew that even realizing it is a cliché.

-Mark Fisher, ‘Capitalist Realism’


Furthermore, and perhaps even more surprisingly, the Pixarvolt films make subtle as well as overt connections between communitarian revolt and queer embodiment and thereby articulate, in ways that theory and popular narrative have not, the some- times counterintuitive links between queerness and socialist struggle.

-J. Jack Halberstam, 'The Queer Art of Failure'


The St.Claire is seeking submissions that explore the way creative individuals work in--and work through--popular culture to produce forms of troubling making, ruckus raising, and shifting inherited values. We invite contributions from artists, art historians, critics, curators, theorists, designers, activists, as well as scholars working across the humanities and social sciences to explore, eulogize and energize the subversive potential of pop.



Submit all pieces in writing in one of the below categories. All pieces must have been written in the past two years. No pieces that have been previously published in a journal, magazine or blog will be accepted (Writings published on a personally maintained blog are OK) Accepted entries we receive a modest honorarium for participation.

– Long Essay (2,000-4,000 words)
– Short Essay (1,000-2,000 words)
– Report (2,000 words or less)
– Review (2,000 words or less)
– Interview (2,000 words or less)
– Event (please include in proposal, venue, date, and time)



Send all submissions to: Send all submissions and proposals attached as PDFs. Attachments should be labeled LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME.PDF (example: rawe_zach.pdf)

November 2 at 11:59PM
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