This spring, The St.Claire and the Artblog will be teaming up to bring Philadelphia its first ever New Art Writing Symposium -over a month of activities designed to examine, expand and celebrate the state of art writing in Philadelphia.

Writing Workshop with Roberta Fallon

Saturday, March 28 /// 2-3:30PM /// Fabric Workshop Museum

Join Artblog founder, editor, and writer Roberta Fallon for a free art writing workshop. Fallon will discuss her approach to looking, talking and writing about art and lead participants through observational writing exercises.  This workshop will focus on Joy Feasley and Paul Swenbeck’s exhibition, A Hatchet to Kill Old Ugly on view at the Fabric Workshop Museum.

The St.Claire Guest Edits the Artblog

April 1-30

During the month of April The St.Claire will taking over operations as guest editors of The Artblog. Stay tuned for a new editorial vision, fresh features, diffused focus, and SURPRISES.

Panel Discussion: The Cursed Blessing of the Philadelphia Art Writer

Thursday, April 9 /// 6-7:30PM /// AUX Performance Space

What role does art writing play in Philadelphia?  Who writes and why do they do it? As part of a public forum, a panel of writers, editors, artists, and curators will address the current state of art writing in Philadelphia and discuss the ideas for the medium’s future.


Kat Buckley, Writer, Paperclips215

Jacob Feige, Editor, Title Magazine

Edith Newhall, Writer, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Bree Pickering, Director, Vox Populi Gallery

Sid Sachs, Director of Exhibitions, University of the Arts

Moderated by Suzanne Seesman, Co-director, St.Claire

St.Claire Writing Workshop

Saturday, April 11 /// 1-2:00PM /// AUX Performance Space

Join the editors of The St.Claire for a writing workshop.  This workshop will focus on the exhibitions currently on view at Vox Populi Gallery and will examine different approaches to art writing.

A Better Way to Talk About Art?
The Successes and Failures of The Form Review

Thursday, April 16 /// 6-7:30PM /// AUX Performance Space

Matt Kalasky (Co-Director, The St.Claire ) and Hammam Aldouri (PhD Candidate, CRMEP Kingston University) debate the pros and cons of the St.Claire’s Form Review method. Using the Form Review as a starting point, Kalasky and Aldouri will host a discussion on the role of art criticism in Philadelphia addressing questions of function, purpose, and audience.

Entries For New Art Writing Challenge Due

Saturday, April 18 at 11:59PM

Don’t miss out on your chance to win huge cash prizes, have your writing read by top tier art writers and published in the St.Claire and the Artblog. LEARN MORE HERE.

Writing Art and Life

Wednesday, May 6 /// 6:30-8:00PM /// ICA Philadelphia

Join writer and critic Becky Huff Hunter at the Institute of Contemporary Art to explore how art writing and life writing intersect and inform each other. Discuss criticism, fiction, and nonfiction readings and tell your own personal stories in this event, which is part of a four-session spring/summer workshop held on "The Porch," an active installation by artist Heather Hart, part of the ICA exhibition Do/Tell.