Introducing the Form Review




The Form Review is a new approach.  


How does it work?
Artists/curators/responsible parties of an exhibition are invited to respond to five short prompts.  In turn, a representative of the St.Claire will view the exhibition and independently respond to the same five prompts.  Both sets of “form answers” are published in tandem on the St.Claire website.


But why?
The Form Review is a simple attempt to increase dialogue within art journalism and highlight the subjectivity of a traditional exhibition review.  It also seeks to establish an equitable exchange of time and energy between journalists and the art community.  Like a great conversation, its better when both sides put in their two cents.


Is it perfect?
No. The Form Review is an alternative approach to art criticism not a replacement to the standard. It is meant to live along side a whole spectrum of art writing styles and methods. Deep tactical engagement and response will always be the best, but when time is short, intimidation is high and there is no money anywhere, alternatives like the Form Review provide an entry point into art criticism for both writers and readers. For an excellent assessment of the Form Review format and its limitations read, The Limits of the ‘Form Review’ by Hammam Aldouri


Want to participate?
If you are involved in an upcoming exhibition or event drop us a line at with your Whos, Whats, Wheres, and Whens and we will send prompts for you to answer.  This is an open invitation to the Philadelphia arts community. Our goal is to engage with anyone and everyone who wishes to participate.


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