Working Definitions

In October The St.Claire and Crane Arts hosted a panel discussion addressing the Philadelphia art market featuring representatives from local for-profit exhibitions spaces.  During this discussion the idea of Hard Work or Working Hard was brought up.  This began a line of questioning: How do we evaluate the labor of an artist (or anyone)? What does it mean to Work Hard?  To better serve the artists of Philadelphia we offer here some working definitions.  To add your own email

Hard Work is hard.

You have to Work Hard at working hard.

Hard Work knows itself as Hard Work.

Hard Work is never easy.

Hard Work never even appears easy.

If it feels easy you are not working hard.

Hard Work is not fun, but it makes fun possible.

Hard Work is not fun but it should be.

Hard Work is not fun but it is satisfying.

Eating a Snickers is both fun and satisfying but should not be confused with Hard Work.

Eating a Snickers is not Hard Work.

Unless it is a Snickers eating contest and you produce a first-place Snickers eating effort.

Hard Work produces real product.

Hard Work is refining your craft.

Hard Work is spending long hours in the studio.

Hard Work is measured in time.

More time equals harder work.

The results of Hard Work are never bad.

Hard Work independent of a product is good in itself.

Working hard is both quantity and quality.

You have to work hard to produce the results of Hard Work.

Hard Work is continual.

Hard Work is unquestioned.

Hard Work is monosynthetic.

Hard Work leaves no room for any other type of work.

Hard Work is serious.

The opposite of Hard Work is no work.

You are either working hard or you are hardly working.

If you are hardly working are you ever working hard?

Social media is not Hard Work.

Hard Work is rarely social.

Hard Work is self-evident.

We know Hard Work when we see Hard Work.

Hard Work is recognizable.

Hard Work deserves to be recognized but doesn’t have to be.

You know what, Hard Work doesn’t really need to explain itself to you.

If someone is cutting down a bunch of trees in a forest and there is no one there to hear it it is still Hard Work.

Hard Work is smart.

Smart work is not necessarily Hard Work.

But Hard Work is always smart work.

Working Hard is working both harder and smarter.

Dumb work is busy work.

Hard Work is organized.

Hard Work is more than regular work.

Hard Work is beyond.

Hard Work is error free work.

Hard Work does not involve red wine.

Hard Work is concentration.

Hard Work is conviction.

Hard Work is commitment.

Hard Work is a choice.

Hard Work is not natural.

Hard Work is something you have to want to want.

You must make Hard Work happen.

Hard Work is indivisible.

Hard Work has no peers.

Hard Work is a priority–nothing comes before your Hard Work.

Is there anyone who works hard and doesn’t know it?

Hard Work is desirable.

Hard Work is honorable.

Hard Work is moral.

Hard Work is right.

Hard Work is our lord and savior.

Hard Work is always good.

Hard Work is believable.

Hard Work is attainable.

Hard Work is available to anyone.

Hard Work is absolute; there are no degrees.

Hard Work is hard.


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