Lucky in love, lost or lonely in the longest winter ever: Michael Snow’s Photo-Centric

One more midnight, dear

Michael Snow’s Photo-Centric:
sulking daylight, draping

how can you see through me?
a bird overhead, Canadian snow paintings.
(or were you looking down,
from the ceiling sky?)

The Great Bathers re-imagined,
a part of the PMA’s permanent collection
since 1937:
fleshy asses photographed
from the back, obscuring-
laughing, even
standing in a row.

ducks in a row
1…. 2….. 3…..

oh sweet Cézanne,
are you lost too?
i’ve forgotten where I came from
i’ve forgotten who I was.
and was i left behind?
(how many candled evenings
void of this

a sleek photographic surface
rich greens, and ultramarine,
like the veins of
a lover turning her cheek
pristine skin, flushed
(almost) slipping on the ice.

i want to touch you-
to see what you saw
each time you filled the bucket,
each time you soaked the rag,
to watch a banana peel sink

can you see me too?
or can i just see you?

Katy Scarlett is an artist writer and museum education curator living and working in Wilmington, DE and Philadelphia, PA.

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