(Jennifer Catron and Paul Outlaw (June) in Art F City’s calendar)


“Today, humanity faces a stark choice: save the planet and ditch capitalism, or save capitalism and ditch the planet.”
— Fawzi Ibrahim

#BoycottBlackFriday is a real thing. Tell Cyber Monday to SHOVE IT. Trust me, you and your loved ones do not need more boring garbage in your lives. Instead, here are a few ways to put your holiday shopping to good use:

The Artblog
Donate to support the ArtBlog’s Artist and Social Responsibility Program. Should you buy a shirt or help teens from Germantown and college students work together to learn about, discuss and debate art and community art practices? NO DECISION

Vox Populi
You go there every First Friday. Supporting THE pillar in Philadelphia’s independent arts community is a better deal than a scarf for your cousin. Plus you can score a tote bag and I hear tote bags are wayyyy in.

Art F City
This New York blog is quirky, feisty and smart. It is also one of the only publications in the five boroughs that gives love to the artists and organizations of Philadelphia. Help them out by buying a calendar featuring naked artists dressed as pandas a.k.a. the best idea you never had.

Rebekah Templeton
Buy serious art from some of the most talented artists in Philadelphia. With a wide range of prices you don’t have to be a rich jerk to buy from this gallery; just smart. They have a few works for sale online but be sure to head to their space near Girard and Second to take a look at their flat file of artist editions.

Ferguson Public Library
Because you don’t need an explanation.

Good Game Magazine
Where is Philadelphia’s Cabinet magazine? Here it is.

Publications from the ICA
You know you want that Nicole Eisenman catalog. Your street cred with painters will go through the roof.

Ezra Masch Kickstarter
Help local artist Ezra Masch get his Kickstarter project to the finish line.

Philadelphia based Phish “Phan” documentary
Give this guy $50,000 to make his documentary and he will get a Phish tattoo with your name on it somewhere on his body. Quote, “Yes Phish really is my favorite band and yes their music really is that good.”

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