Neyssa Grassi: Foreign Language

The St.Claire and the Artblog are ecstatic to present the 16 finalists of the New Art Writing Challenge. The challenge generated over 70 unique pieces of writing all examining and engaging art in Philadelphia. Thanks to all those who participated and thanks to our jurors — Hrag Vartanian, Abigail Satinsky and Nell McClister.  Below is Scott Cooper’s finalist entry in the 500 Words or Less category covering the work of Neyssa Grassi


(IMAGE: Courtesy of Scott Cooper )


You are in a club full of attractive people, colored lights, and fog. I don’t why you are there because being there diverges from your itinerary, but I approve. Shake my hand. You get turned on.

Across the room you can see the contour of a body that you find particularly attractive. The noisy bass slowly fades as you slowly push the pulsating bodies out of your periphery, slowly honing in on this foggy phantasm. You flirt with the idea of crossing the room, passing through the colorful haze, pushing through the wet, writhing bodies, to talk with the owner of the contour. You can see yourself taking them home when the club closes, maybe taking shots of your cheap 18 dollar whisky (and three cheers to spontaneity), having sloppy sex before you pass out in this strangers arms. It is possible that your post coital conversation, before you fell into dream, could create a deeper affinity with them beyond base superficial attractions (and you could go to brunch tomorrow at 1 pm). However, you hesitate because you realize you wouldn’t even know how to start a conversation in the first place. Maybe you are past the point of finding romance in clouded rooms. Regardless, you probably will buy another expensive drink and admire this beautiful form from afar.

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Very skeptical/very curious.

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