Other Heads /// First-Friday Recap /// September 4, 2015

Stephanie Bursese, Steve Darling, Maddie Hewitt, Stacey Holder, Matt Kalasky, Suzanne Seesman, Kate Speidel and Gee Wesley discuss the sights and happenings of First-Friday.

Exhibitions covered:

“Finding a Zeitgeist Through Submission” at FJORD
“Uncommons” at Little Berlin
Scott Kip’s “Transitional Objects” at Marginal Utility 
Will Haughery’s “Move in Silence” at Vox Populi
Maria Dumlao’s “Next to Nothing” at Vox Populi
“Roshambo” at Grizzly Grizzly
Leslie Rogers’ “Play/Thing” at Practice
Tamsen Wojtanowski and Elaine Livingstone’s “In the Yard” at Napoleon
“Exhausted Rapport” at New Boon(e)
Jay Muhlin’s “Guilty Pleasures” at Vox Populi

IMAGE: Alyssa Piro at FJORD

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